What is integration package

Prior to that student leaves China, he/she has one-on-one classes with our native English-speaking teacher online. Our online teachers live in China or surrounding countries in Asia. These teachers follow a curriculum to improve the student’s conversational English with creative lessons and activities to encourage more speaking, while also teaching the student about the cultural norms of the country the student is going to, role play activities that the student may find themselves in after arriving in the foreign country.

The next stage of the integration package involves in-person English conversational and cultural classes while exploring their new city. The representative who will meet the student will be of assistance to the student for the duration they are living there. That representative in the given city will be introduced to the student by their online teacher and will also be familiar with all the topics the student was taught during the online conversational course.

When the student arrives to the airport, he/she will meet the member of our team who is based in that city. They will meet the student two to three times for each of the first four months in order to develop conversational skills, knowledge of the city and useful tips for the student to know about that city.

They will first meet each other in the airport when the student arrives, we give our students a welcome package full of useful items and information that’ll help them settle in quicker.

When the student and representative meet, there will be fun and interesting activities and days out that are planned to make the student more comfortable and confident in the city they just moved to. These meetings are to build the student’s confidence in their new environment while at the same time improving the student’s conversational English.