Applying With Our Team?

We assist the student through the complete process of applying to the desired universities. We do so while being transparent and keeping the best interests of the student and their families at heart while carrying out this process.

Our team believes in helping students have the best possible experience as an international student. It all starts with the application.

We feel that it’s important to only apply for course and/or university that a student has a realistic chance of being approved for.

How we help?


University Choice

Fee Handling

Process of Applying

The first step is finding out all the relevant information from the student and their families

Every student has a different situation. Once our team understands what the preferences, hopes and expectations are for the student and family, we can then move onto the next step of preparing the application.

We consult with the student and their family with what options are most suited, based on the information provided.

We agree on what courses/degrees, universities and countries we should apply for.

And you are almost there !

Our writing and design teams consults the student on the necessary steps for applying. We then assist the student along each step of the application process, until the step where we wait for approval. Once approved, we apply for visas, permits and other documents that are necessary for the student to live in that country.

What else do we do?

During the three months prior to the student leaving their home country, we provide the first stage of our one-on-one integration package which consists of classes for improving conversational English, confidence of speaking English and awareness of cultural aspects in the foreign country.

The integration package consists of classes online (with a native of the country they’re going to) and when the student arrives in the country, we meet them at the airport and several times over the year, especially during the first few months. We provide the all-round service of finding the right course in the right university and then helping the student settle in properly.

We also help students secure the right accommodation for when they arrive in the country. Whether it’s off-campus or on-campus accommodation, we help with every part of the process!