What is accommodation package

We help students find the right place to live while studying in the foreign country. We take this very seriously given that a student with a good living situation that’s safe, clean, quiet and with good roommates/neighbours can make a huge impact on their quality of life and their results in exams.


Our team will help the student apply for on-campus or off-campus student accommodation. Our International Student representative in the given city will send the student lots of helpful information about what areas are good to live in for a student of a certain university. On our website you can find this information for free however it is very difficult for someone who has never been to the country to find the perfect place to live. Our representative will go above and beyond in helping the student find the right accommodation by sending details, descriptions and photos of relevant options before the student arrives in the country.

When the student arrives, we organise the viewings and then deal with the owner of the apartment or room so that the student has the best chance possible to get approved for the accommodation they desire.

In some cities, finding the right accommodation can be a very daunting and expensive task. For example, cities such as New York, Dublin, London, Porto and Lisbon are very difficult for a student to find the right place, if they are unfamiliar with the city.