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About Us


International students who are brave enough and prepared to take a big leap in living and studying in another country deserve to have the chance in finding the best-suited degree, university, city and guidance so that they have the best experience possible.

Too many agencies are taking advantage of international students putting all of their trust with agencies in the hope of them having the best interests of the student in mind when deciding to apply and proceed with various universities.

These agencies in return are taking advantage of the student by only looking out for their own pocket and easiness of the job, not caring whether the student enrols in a course they didn’t even want. There are too many horror stories about bad experiences students have had.


We provide guidance through paid and non-paid services which give students the best possible chance of them finding the right degree/university, teaching them conversational English and cultural differences, helping with accommodation and even finding a job after or during their studies, resulting in the student having the best possible experience in their designated city/country.

Our process is simple and straightforward, we first find out all the specifications of what you want in regards to the degree, your current and desired English level, your accommodation preferences and other bits of details.

We then provide you with the necessary information needed to do everything yourself in regards to application, visa, finding accommodation, knowing your way around the city and finding a job.

We certainly offer the services of us doing part or all of the process for you. We understand the pressure students are under and the time constraints they have to apply to each university properly. Once approved, they then have to learn English skills and cultural aspects, while also needing to have the necessary knowledge, patience and time to find the right accommodation and settle in quickly.

Once a student is in the city they’re studying in, we provide guidance on how to do all the necessities such as applications and finding the right accommodation while also providing tips, tricks and experiences in the city for you (the student) to have the best possible experience.

After you’re settled in and enjoying your time, we provide one-on-one advice for job applications and interview classes to improve skills and confidence. We make sure that students not only have the best studying experience but also guidance and training to find the best-suited career and job placement(s).


Our international team takes pride in helping students with maximum efficiency. We do this by being completely transparent along the way by sharing our understanding of the process, the necessary information and guidance needed for a student who is moving to a foreign country to learn a new language and culture.

Our Process

Our team works with students through every stage of their international student experience.

Our team covers all aspects of the application process for an international student. We provide complete transparency, from the initial consultancy to the approval of the student’s enrolment.

We first consult with the student about the best direction for them to go, before they pay a cent.

We then begin the application process, giving complete transparency and frequent updates about each stage until the result of the student being approved in their desired university. We always have the best interests of the student and their families in mind when applying for the degree, on their behalf.