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7 Reasons to Do Your Master’s Degree Abroad


Choosing to do your master’s degree abroad has never been easier. With the increasing amount of programmes taught in English and the prevalence of studying abroad, it’s no wonder many students decide to undertake postgraduate study outside of their home countries. Here are some fantastic reasons why you too should go abroad for your master’s degree:


1. Experience a New Culture

Studying abroad provides an excellent opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and experience a completely new culture. Your education won’t only be limited to the classroom as every day will offer a chance to see and experience something new, whether it’s a new custom or a whole new way of seeing the world. 


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2. Improve Your Language Skills

There’s no better place to learn a foreign language than in the country where it’s spoken. Even if you’re already fluent in the language, now’s the time to really pick up all of the local sayings and slang. Knowing a foreign language can be a huge asset when it comes to finding work, especially in areas such as international business and tourism. Besides, it’ll be super useful when travelling.


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3. Study a Specialised Subject

Whether you’re interested in the geopolitics of the Middle East, Russian literature, the Irish language or French cinema, the best place to learn about these subjects is in the country itself. It might happen that you find a specialised degree abroad that they don’t even offer in your home country.


4. Increase Your Employment Prospects

In today’s competitive job market, it’s vital to make yourself stand out in some way; having an international master’s degree on your CV might differentiate you from other candidates. Likewise, studying in a foreign country equips you with all sorts of soft skills, like cultural sensitivity, that employers value, especially if you’ve got your eyes on an international career.


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5. Meet People From All Over the World

One of the best parts about completing your master’s degree abroad is having the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and to learn from them. Being part of an international class means hearing and debating all different kinds of viewpoints. Before you know it, you’ll have a couch to sleep on in every corner of the world. What’s more, some of these people could turn into contacts for future work opportunities. 


6. Embark on a Journey of Personal Growth

Living in a foreign country without your support network can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re not fluent in the language (yet!). Mundane things like grocery shopping, going to the post office or the bank can all be ten times more difficult. On the bright side, pushing through these challenges and learning to navigate a foreign country all on your own can make you feel invincible and helps build up a strong sense of independence. Living abroad will also teach you crucial skills in getting along with people who are different from you, adapting to a wide range of situations and finding solutions to any problem. 


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7. You’ve Got Nothing to Lose 

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to start your adventure and study abroad. Before you know it, you might have other commitments that limit you moving to another country on a whim. Besides, your master’s degree only lasts one or two years and you can always return home at the end of it if you decide to. 


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