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International students who are brave enough and prepared to take a big leap in living and studying in another country deserve to have the chance in finding the best-suited degree, university, city and guidance so that they have the best experience possible.
Too many agencies are taking advantage of international students putting all of their trust with agencies in the hope of them having the best interests of the student in mind when deciding to apply and proceed with various universities.
about Our Difference


We provide guidance through paid and non-paid services which give students the best possible chance of them finding the right degree/university, teaching them conversational English and cultural differences, helping with accommodation and even finding a job after or during their studies, resulting in the student having the best possible experience in their designated city/country.
about Our Difference


We go one step further with students in helping them settle in quicker with lessons on English conversational skills, cultural lessons, finding the best accommodation and career guidance.
about Our Difference

Our Team

We’re a team of many combined experiences, some of us being former international students, while others working in international student agencies and some even working in international departments of universities, along with many other backgrounds.
We have the knowledge and experience to guide international students better in their journey of being approved for the right degree, university and city to live in.
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We help students get into the university of their choice in either Portugal, Ireland or China...and many more to come in the future.


Known for its sunny climate, delicious cuisine, relaxed lifestyle and welcoming people, Portugal makes for an enticing student destination.


Ireland is well regarded for its prestigious universities, warm people, folklore, gorgeous nature and ample employment opportunities.


Combined time-honoured history and fast-paced development, abundant in human-natural cultures and ancient philosophy, China is a land undertaking changes and creating new miracles with the doctrine of moderation, tolerance, and peace.

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Our Services

Before the student leaves their home country, we provide the service of one-on-one conversational skills and cultural learning. We offer these classes for students who want to learn English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

Assisting students through the complete application process to their desired universities while being as transparent as possible, keeping the best interests of the student and family at heart.

Native speakers provide one on one classes online before the student arrives. Over the first six months of living, another native teacher then gives conversational and cultural classes.

Guidance on finding the perfect living situation that is safe, clean, quiet and with good roommates. A good living situations has a huge impact on their quality of life and results in exams.

Supporting students in finding employment opportunities while offering training for interview skills and guidance for application processes,which ultimately help students find the right career path.

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